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Lex Snowe

Lexia "Lex" Snowe is a writer of screenplays and thriller fiction, and a filmmaker-in-progress.

Lex's screenplays and short stories have been recognized in the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences Nicholl Fellowships, Austin Film Festival, Screencraft Awards, Commonwealth Short Story Prize and Short Edition. With several feature films in development, including one she'll be directing herself within the next five years, Lex's love of cinematic storytelling infuses almost every hour of her waking day: if she is not writing cinema or fiction, she is reading it, watching it, taking photos inspired by it, or gabbing about it to fellow story-pilgrims. Among Lex's long-term goals is the establishment of a film and TV production company through which she will shepherd other people's stories to the worldwide empathy-kindling network better known as the screen.

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More Lex Snowe Fiction

Lex Snowe's novel Footage, her debut in print, is a sci-fi action thriller novel centered on a controversial FBI surveillance program in the future. The novel -- which industry commentators have compared to Robert Ludlum's Bourne franchise and praised for being "unique and accessible for all levels of sci-fi lovers and action lovers alike" -- will be completed by 2020, for publication in 2021. For more on Footage and other future novels, see Lex Snowe Fiction 


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